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Summary of results from Sweden

The report, which can be downloaded below, describes Swedish results from the first year of data collection. A survey to principals in primary and secondary schools was used to gather data. In Sweden no official distinction is made between primary

Summary of year 1 comparative results ISI-TL study ‘Impact of School Inspections on Teaching and Learning’

The results of the first year principal survey indicate the time principals spend on different tasks and differences between countries in principals’ reports of inspection measures. Finally we used a path model to test the hypothesized relations in our theoretical

First results of the principal survey in the Czech Republic

You can download the paper with the preliminary results of the first year of data collection in the Czech Republic .

School inspection of Czech schools

You can download the full paper . The external control of the schools has a long tradition in the Czech lands and was linked to the modern form of education organised during the second half of the 18th century, with