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Final results Czech Republic after three years

This report provides a summary of the Czech data, as well as a summary of the findings from three years of data collection:

Czech year 1 and 2 results

The year 1 data is line with our theoretical model of intended effects of school inspections. We found a correlation between ‘setting expectations’ and ‘accepting feedback’ (r = 0.657**), between ‘change in capacity building’ and ‘change in school effectiveness’ (r

Czech Inspectorate of Education

Inspection has been part of the system in the Czech Republic for years, and it is constantly changing since 1990s. To be able to fully understand the importance of the inspection of school in the Czech Republic we shall stress

First results of the principal survey in the Czech Republic

You can download the paper with the preliminary results of the first year of data collection in the Czech Republic .

School inspection of Czech schools

You can download the full paper . The external control of the schools has a long tradition in the Czech lands and was linked to the modern form of education organised during the second half of the 18th century, with