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Presentation of three years research in the Netherlands at the ORD (Dutch Educational Conference)

A summary of the results of the three years of data collection and analyses in the Netherlands was presented at the ORD (Dutch Educational Conference) in Groningen, June 2014 and can be found here (in Dutch):

Final technical report the Netherlands

This technical report summarizes three years of data collection and analyses in the Netherlands:

Year 1 and 2 results the Netherlands

The purpose of this research was to identify and analyse the ways in which school inspections in the Netherlands impact on the work of schools. We were particularly interested to test whether the Dutch school inspections have an effect on

Summary of results in the Netherlands

You can download the paper with the detailed results . This technical report describes the results of the first year of data collection in the Netherlands, which is part of a comparative EU study in six countries to measure the

First results of the principal survey in the Netherlands

Results of the principal survey, collected in the first year of the study, indicate that principals and teachers in both primary and secondary education generally report relatively high satisfaction with school inspections and little unintended consequences on the school level.