Impact of School Inspection on Teaching and Learning (in Austria)

The report, which van be downloaded below, describes the results of the first year of data collection in the Austrian state of Styria which took place in November and December 2011. The report includes descriptive information on the main variables as well as results of some bivariate and multivariate analysis (correlations, regressions and t-tests). Due to different background characteristics of primary and secondary schools the majority of the results will be presented separately for both types of school. Primary schools in Austria cater for four age groups (6 – 9 year old). The term “secondary school” used in this study comprises “Hauptschule”, „Polytechnische Schule” und “Neue Mittelschule” (which cater for students of 10 – 15 years of age), however, does not include the lower cycle of the gymnasium-type schools (“Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schule”) which also takes in students from the same age group.

You can download the report with the overview of the results here.